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Tempest Server wipe 1/17/2017

Admin / Jan 17, 2017
Welcome to Tempest Server!

Our goal is to make Tempest similar to a vanilla server (such as no player to player teleports), but a bit more casual and SOLO friendly by restricting and enforcing a 4 person max group and clan size and keeping it low population. We also include quality of life mods such as a LustyMap, 2x slightly increase gathering (subject to change with the addition to Z levels), 70%-Craft, an info bar, notifications, and a very basic starter kit so you don’t start naked with all your shit hanging out.

Active Admin to fix issues but never plays. Admin abuse sucks, I have been subject to that in the past and will never have any admin abuse on my server.

Key things to note for this server - There is a voting system and there are economics in place. You gain reward points for being active and playing and you can also gain points for referring a friend. Type /s for items that you can buy with your points.

Please feel free to send a ticket to the admin with /ticket or ask in chat.


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